Chercheurs de Modèles

I define a Pattern Seeker as someone who deconstructs, reverse engineers, or otherwise finds blueprints. A pattern seeker is interested in the following:

  1. THE SHAPE : Structure, form, morphology
  2. HOW IT WORKS : function, physiology

Pattern Seeker Hall of Fame (in alphapetical order) :

  1. Christopher Alexander known for his book « The Pattern Language » on architecture and his love of persian carpets
  2. Leo Babauta known for his blog « Zen Habits » and his books
  3. Chandler Bolt known for his Self-Publishing School
  4. Atulya Bingham known for her books « Mudball »  and « Earthbag Building » 
  5. Scott and Chelsea Dinsmore known for their « Live Your Legend » revolution
  6. Tim Ferriss known for his books « 4-hour-workweek », « Tools of Titans » and inspiring podcast « The Tim Ferriss Show »
  7. Holly Lisle known for her novels and her writing classes « How to Revise Your Novel »
  8. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus known for their film and website « Minimalists »
  9. Derek Murphy known for his « Creativindie » website and his passion for bookcover design
  10. Jo Parfitt known for her book « Career in your suitcase » and her websites for expatriates
  11. Joanna F. Penn known for her novels and her website, courses and podcast « The Creative Penn »
  12. Olivier Roland known for his « Blogger-pro » website
  13. Yaro Starak known for his « Entrepreneurs-Journey » website
  14. Jeff Walker known for his book « Launch » and pioneer internet marketeering
  15. K.M. Weiland known for her novels and website « Helping writers become authors »

I am a pattern seeker and I love developping new tools and resources. I’m currently working on the following method : How to Write a Novel.