What I love helping people with

I love teaching people some new skill and sharing a new piece of information, anything that I think will help them progress in their lives and projects.

For example, yesterday I had a dog trainer come to the house to help me train our dog, Kali, because the neighbors are complaining that she’s barking too much. I also told the dog trainer that our dog was pulling a lot on her leash, especially in the beginning of the walk. She went on to explain that dogs naturally want to move forwards and even get away from something that is pushing against theirs chests or the front of their necks. That’s what makes sled dogs move forwards, it’s a built-in reflex. The dog trainer showed me a special halter-collar that was only made in France (not in Belgium) and that actually discourages the dog from pulling on his leash. She even showed me how to put it on. It comes in several sizes and she had to measure the dog around the chest area to make sure it fit just right.

I bought it (the size M cost me 35 euros) and tried it out last night. What happened next was just magic!!! Kali didn’t pull at all on the leash, she quickly realized, and FELT, that to move forwards too quickly was uncomfortable (the halter-collar brings her shoulders together, gently, but makes it uncomfortable, so, as soon as she slows down, the pressure is immediately released and she feels much better). I felt like I was leading the dog around effortlessly, lighter than a butterfly on a leash, it was simply EXTRAORDINARY. Oh and I need to tell you, I don’t have a little dog. Kali is a border collie with a boundless supply of energy! And it still worked.

Of course, I had to share this new discovery with all my colleagues and friends who have dogs and with you too!

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