Pattern Seekers

I define a Pattern Seeker as someone who deconstructs, reverse engineers, or otherwise finds blueprints. A pattern seeker is interested in the following:

  1. THE SHAPE : Structure, form, morphology
  2. HOW IT WORKS : function, physiology

Pattern Seeker Hall of Fame (in alphapetical order) :

  1. Christopher Alexander known for his book “The Pattern Language” on architecture and his love of persian carpets
  2. Leo Babauta known for his blog “Zen Habits” and his books
  3. Chandler Bolt known for his Self-Publishing School
  4. Atulya Bingham known for her books “Mudball”  and “Earthbag Building” 
  5. Scott and Chelsea Dinsmore known for their “Live Your Legend” revolution
  6. Tim Ferriss known for his books “4-hour-workweek”, “Tools of Titans” and inspiring podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show”
  7. Holly Lisle known for her novels and her writing classes “How to Revise Your Novel”
  8. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus known for their film and website “Minimalists”
  9. Derek Murphy known for his “Creativindie” website and his passion for bookcover design
  10. Jo Parfitt known for her book “Career in your suitcase” and her websites for expatriates
  11. Joanna F. Penn known for her novels and her website, courses and podcast “The Creative Penn”
  12. Olivier Roland known for his “Blogger-pro” website
  13. Yaro Starak known for his “Entrepreneurs-Journey” website
  14. Jeff Walker known for his book “Launch” and pioneer internet marketeering
  15. K.M. Weiland known for her novels and website “Helping writers become authors”

I am a pattern seeker and I love developping new tools and resources. I’m currently working on the following method : How to Write a Novel.