Two accomplishments I’m proud of

One thing I’m proud of is a scrapbook I made of our family trip to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman two years ago. It took me six months to complete and I had roughly 4500 pictures to choose from. In the end, I created a book of 80 pages. It was a lot of hard work and I had great fun picking the pictures, the colors, shapes and presentation (like a story board). I printed it twice and gave one of the copies as a gift to our good friends who welcomed us over there. It was really awesome to have a finished product and to relive the ten-day adventure whenever we showed it. Also, for six months, while I was working on it, it felt like I was still on vacation and could re-experience those fantastic moments.

Another thing I’m proud of is my Nanowrimo novel (actually I have one and a half…). In 2009 (yeah, I know its a long time ago), I did the Nanowrimo challenge of writting a 50,000 word novel. I still need to put it into type because for the moment I have it written out in notebooks. I already have 30,000 words typed. In order to process my novel faster I have recently acquired (it arrived today by mail) a voice recorder with software that converts audio words to typed words. I’ve tried it out and I estimate that I can go at least 5 times faster with this method. I can type about 1000 words an hour and with the voice recorder method I will be able to « type » at least 5000 words per hour. Instead of taking me one week to type in the text that’s left for my first novel, I might even finish this weekend ! My next step is to follow a course on novel revising.

I do all this because : I just like to share with people things that worked for me. Things that helped me solve my problems in a new and interesting, maybe even unexpected, way… The method has to be simple, rapid, easy to apply and get great results. I don’t have much time, money or energy to waste with stuff that works half-way. It has to be WOW and BRILLIANT. I don’t think you have much time, energy or money to waste either….

So, I’m waiting to hear from you. Just drop a comment to let me know of one of your accomplishments…

2 thoughts on “Two accomplishments I’m proud of

  • November 29, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    Salut Noelie,
    Pourrais-tu me montrer ton scrap book stp?
    Je ne sais pas trop où partir en vacances, mais le soleil m’attire.
    Y as-tu rencontré des gens sympas?

    • December 21, 2016 at 12:06 am

      Bonjour Céline,
      Merci! Nous sommes beaucoup restés avec nos amis et de ce fait nous n’avons pas fait de nouvelles connaissances. Je mettrai quelques photos de l’album sur mon blog. Bonne journée!! 🙂


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