Why working daily on your Dream Project is super-important

Hello Diamonds!!

I encourage you to do your dream project every day whether it is your painting, or your coloring or your writing or whatever. I encourage you to express your creativity at least ONCE A DAY even if it is only 20 minutes, or even less. I know that it’s hard to find the time and I know that it is frustrating to stop in the middle of creating something because you have something else to do.

But, just imagine for a minute, in one week you will realize that you have done 20 * 7 = 140 minutes, more than two hours!!! So, it is very important that you start somewhere and do it EVERYDAY, even if it is small, because it will percolate into your subconscious and your body. I guarantee you that slowly, without you know it, imperceptibly, your life will reorganize itself, almost miraculously, so that your dream activity can happen daily.

There will be barriers and obstacles, but they need to be tended to one by one. And I really mean ONE for ONE. Yes, it will take time, yes it can be horrible, BUT it is important to do so because that is how we advance and how we get to work on our projects. I know all too well that life throws thorns at us. There is also stuff rotting in our lives, stuff that intoxicates our minds and that clogs our brains. We must be aware of all this clutter and make a list on a small paper or cardboard and display it somewhere for ourselves to think about every now and then.

We need to decide the order of priority and tackle things in that order, one at a time. And I really advise one by one, because frankly, we don’t have the energy to:

1) continue ordinary life with its constraints etc

2) work on our dream project, and

3) work on more than one thorn

It’s just not possible, it is demotivating, and you will just feel exhausted. You can feel demotivated because things don’t advance as quickly as you want them to. Another danger in dealing with several thorns at once is that we risk not following up. We can quickly end up not knowing how to manage the sequence of steps and finally we lose even more time. So above all, do not overload. We must have our spare, relaxing moments that help us to unwind. This is normal and it’s a part of life!

I will give you a recent example from my life. My dream life is to be a writer, to publish novels, to help people with my websites (www.tresoriersfutes.be and www.inspirediamonds.eu) and to be financially independent. BUT, before I get there I have a thorn to take care of : my US Citizenship. In short, since my life is based in Belgium, it is better that I be ONLY Belgian. Every year it is mandatory to complete a declaration of US taxes. I started getting in order for the past 6 years but I have had to hire an accounting firm in New York and it cost me dearly, even if I owe nothing to the US. If I run my own business here in Belgium, it will further complicate my US tax statements and I do not want to be doing tax paperwork in BOTH countries (USA and Belgium) – one country is enough for my little life. BUT finally I took two appointments at the US Embassy in March 2016 and I renounced my US Citizenship (that cost me too, the fee was 2,350 dollars – yes you read correctly two thousand three hundred and fifty dollars!!!). FINALLY, I can work on my dream project.

BUT whatever takes, in the end, I do not get angry or frustrated since it is useless. On the contrary, this thorn can only make me stronger. All those thorns, I see them as challenges, as opportunities to learn new things. And I think that caring for thorns, getting rid of clutter, and simplifying my life, is also part of moving forwards in my life. It is vital. I like to use a metaphor: if I want a beautiful vegetable garden and beautiful flowers, I must ALSO take care of the weeds and slugs, it’s just part of the work. It took me a long time to understand that, and yet it’s so simple. I just need to accept it and move on, that’s all

We often have a hard time dealing thorns because they are new. We’ve never done it before. But it doesn’t matter. At first we do not know anything, we are nowhere, but by learning, by working on it, by talking to experts, to the right people, we can’t do anything else BUT improve and become better in the areas we focus on. It’s mathematical! At first we do not know anything, but with practice we gain experience and advance. Just remember that in the process, we have to be very kind, gentle and patient with ourselves. We need to accept that it’s going to take time. It’s important to celebrate each accomplishment because it is one completed step, and one more step in the right direction.

If you apply this method, after one year you will be very surprised at how far you have come!

Lets go, saddle up!!

Now get out a piece of paper and write down:

  1. What’s your dream activity you want to do once each day?
  2. What are the thorns you need to clear up?

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